Meet Pearse Casey…

Originally from County Kerry in Ireland, Pearse Casey has been the smiling face at The Knight’s Vault on a Saturday for over a year now.

Pearse came across The Knight’s Vault in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket and was wowed by the array of armoury on display. At school Pearse had a keen interest in metal work and this interest has been reawakened as he’s able to get hands on with a variety of historic, antique swords and blades as well as well-known replica movie pieces.

Pearse’s time at The Knight’s Vault has also led to him researching and reading up on various events and weapons used throughout Scotland’s history. He can now confidently recognise the key distinguishing features of most swords, be it Viking, Roman and even Irish origin.

Pearse says of this job; ‘I love my job at The Knight’s Vault as it’s so diverse – not only are many of the items we sell complete one-offs with rich history and back stories, but our customers are from all over the world and are always in awe of the displays.

During Festival time and filming going on in the city we often see famous faces drop in for a gander, which is very exciting!’.

‘My favourite sword in The Knight’s Vault is the Master Sword as it is used in my all-time favourite video game, The Legend of Zelda.’