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We are Scotland’s leading licensed sword retailer, selling beautiful handmade swords and armour in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town.
Antique blades and the finest Scottish Medieval weapons and helmets, our products include surname history prints and make the perfect gift. 


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We stock not only film and movie replicates, but also antique blades and the finest Scottish Medieval weapons and helmets. We also provide surname history prints which make the perfect gift for that special someone.


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Specialising in Game of Thrones Swords from Oathkeeper to Longclaw and Lord of The Rings replica swords, from Narsil Aragorns Sword to The Sword of Elendil. We also hold the only UK license to reproduce replica Outlander swords.

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Anduril – The Sword Of Aragorn

Anduril, also known as the “Flame of the West”, was the sword of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings series.
The sword was reforged from the shards of Narsil, the sword of Elendil, and then was gifted to Aragorn by Elrond. The inscription on the blade reads – “Nanye Andúril i ne Narsil i macil Elendilo. Lercuvanten i mali Mordoreo.” which translates in English to “I am Anduril, who was Narsil, the sword of Elendil. Let the thralls of Mordor flee me.”
This sword has a genuine leather wrapped grip and comes with a wooden plaque to mount on your wall.


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As Scotland’s leading sword and armour heritage brand, we take pride in our excellent customer service. If you can’t find what you are looking for we can obtain it for you, even if it has to be made from scratch. If you are interested in swords and helmets for sale, either for your own collection or as a historical gift, take a look around the website or contact us to see how we can help.