Frequently Asked Questions

Who can purchase a sword?
In line with Scottish law, you must be 18 years old in order to purchase a blade from our shop. If you are purchasing a sword in our shop, you will need to have a valid form of ID (driver’s license, passport, visa, etc.) so that a record of the purchase may be taken.

Do you ship? Where?
We do! Our company has worldwide shipping available* for almost all the items you see in store or on our website. Prices and regulations may vary depending on the country you’re located in, but a look at our shipping chart will help you estimate how much the cost will be.

Why are some items on backorder?
What does it mean? You may notice a “backorder” notification on certain swords or when you receive an email from our shop staff. Backorder means that a certain item in our shop may not be available because it is out of stock. Backorder allows you to pay for the item and be placed on a list to receive the item as soon as it is back in stock. The time frame for this is often dependent on supplier demand and can take up to a few months.

Are your swords sharpened? Can they be sharpened?
For safety purposes, we try to make sure all of the swords in our shop are dulled to make for easy shipping. Occasionally, some may be sharper than others due to manufacturing. We sell a mix of both stainless steel blades, as well as carbon and damascus. While we do not advise sharpening the former as it may damage the blade, the latter can be sharpened.

I saw an item in your shop but don’t see it on the website. Why is that?
Our shop does our best to stay on top of trends and keep new things stocked at all times. If you have an enquiry about a certain item but don’t see it on the website, please feel free to send us an email at to ask, as one of our managers can help walk you through a manual purchase.

Can I take swords on the plane/train?
As long as all items are checked and declared upon flight, you shouldn’t have a problem getting them back wherever you are going. However, we advise all customers to check with their airlines/customs agents to make sure they know the rules about taking weapons back into their country.

Are there any taxes or customs charges on orders shipped to other countries?
Please see our customs and return policy section to learn more!

Are your swords licensed or replica products?
The majority of our swords are replicas however, we do have some licensed products available upon request!

Where are the products made?
Some of our swords are commercially manufactured but we also have handmade swords, including swords made here in Scotland!

Do the swords come with sheaths or wall plaques?
Some of our swords come with sheaths, some come with plaques and some come with both or neither! It all depends on the product and more information is available on the website!

How do you maintain the sword at home?
It depends on the material used to make the sword. Stainless steel swords are the easiest to care for whilst the carbon and damascus steel swords take a bit more dedication from the owner! For these blades we recommend the use of a lightweight mineral oil (such as camellia oil) wiped across the metal once a week to remove any fingerprints and dust build-up.

What materials are your swords made from?
Our swords are made from many different materials! Ranging from stainless steel swords for display to carbon steel swords designed for reenactment and stage combat.

How long will it take to deliver?
We aim to have all orders shipped out within one week. It usually takes 1-2 working days within the UK and 5-10 working days internationally upon dispatch. Please bear in mind that due to public holidays and staff holidays/shortages, the time might be a little longer, but we will contact you in such cases.