Orcrist with sheath

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This sword is inspired by Orcrist, the sword carried by Thorin Oakenshield throughout The Hobbit.
This engraved sword stands at   73cm tall and is a perfect keepsake for those interested in The Hobbit and Middle-Earth universe.

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Product Description

Orcrist, also known as “Goblin Cleaver” and “biter” by goblins, is a legendary blade originally foraged in the ancient Elvish kingdom of Gondolin, alongside its mate Glamdring, both of which glow blue when Orcs are near. Used to kill thousands of goblins in the First Age, it was eventually lost to time before being rediscovered in the cave of the mountain trolls by Thorin Oakenshield and the rest of his company. Thorin took up the blade as his own and carried it until it was confiscated by Mirkwood Wood-elves; however, it was returned to him upon his death and burial under the Lonely Mountain and was said to have “gleamed ever in the dark if foes approached.”

Additional Information

Dimensions 73 × 10 × 5 cm

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