Gothic Suit of Armour (Wearable)

£ 1,350.00

Gothic Armour was a popular style of armour in England and Germany during the late 15th Century. It was influenced by the peaks and ridges of Gothic architecture and art of the period and by the 1480’s it was considered to be the best armour in Europe. It was worn by knights and nobles on both sides in the Wars of the Roses where it afforded excellent protection against the arrow storms associated with the battles of this period.

The Suit of Gothic Armour is hand crafted from 18 gauge steel and features adjustable leather straps and chainmail skirt. It is mostly, but not fully, articulated allowing it to be worn for some applications. The legs feature the least degree of articulation and are really designed with display in mind. The upper body, arms and helmet are fully articulated.

Comes complete with stand. This armour is not suitable for reenactment. This item ships in 2 boxes and requires assembly.

– Adjustable straps

– Fully wearable

– Complete with stand

– 195cm

Manufactured to order – please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery.

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