Galadriel’s Dagger (The Rings of Power)

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Finrod’s dagger, which he gives to his younger sister, Galadriel. The dagger reminds Galadriel of her promise to her brother; to learn which lights to follow, meaning the difference between good and evil.

When trying to bind the shard of Mithril with other metals in order to have enough to forge 3 rings, Celebrimbor explains that “the purity of the lesser ores is crucial. I need gold and silver of the most exquisite quality. I need gold and silver from Valinor”
Gold and silver from Valinor, like Finrod’s dagger is made from, are said to contain the light of the trees of Valinor. This pure light is so strong that it can help them forge powers that will ultimately protect them from Sauron’s evil.

The dagger itself is a woven mixture of gold (representing Laurelin) and silver (representing Telperion), which looks like the branches of these ancient trees.
The dagger represents hope to Galadriel for her people to survive as it is melted down into 3 rings.

Blade length: 29cm

Stainless steel, faux leather sheath.

Additional Information

Dimensions 46 cm

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