Basket-Hilted Broadsword

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A replica sword from the 17th-18th Century – these types of swords were the favourite weapon of the Jacobites and Highlanders in Scotland during this time period.

Comes with leather scabbard.

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Basket-Hilted Broadsword

The basket hilted broadsword in its various forms was a well known weapon throughout Europe from the 1500s onwards. It was a logical development in the direction of hand protection, the chief advantage of which was that it became less necessary to wear gauntlets when using the sword.
In Scotland from the mid 17th century the basket hilt became a popular replacement for the large two-handed claymore.
Most Scottish basket hilts have well formed steel guards often pierced with decorative shapes, the blades were usually very well-tempered imported German types and the wooden grip was often to be found covered in shark skin on swords of quality.
The basket hilted broadsword continued to develop in Scotland and is still in use today as the dress sword of the Scottish military regiments .
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This item comes with a leather scabbard. Made from EN45 steel. Meant only for light use in re-enactment/MMA.
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Additional Information

Dimensions 109 × 13 × 16 cm